FFXIV: Go Go Mhach Rangers!


Mhach rangers you say? But Commander, it’s the Go Go Posing Rangers that have entered the scene during the Moonfaire Faire event of 2016 in Eorzea.


Yeah no, these chumps have nothing on us. (Okay they got the colourful exploison, but look at this!)

ffxiv_05082016_135001 - Copy

We, the Mhach rangers shall guide the raid group through victory of the wiping city! We shall stay the course and defend our allies as they poke at the hells of our enemies!

So if you couldn’t guess already, the Moonfaire Festival event is all about posing as a cheap knock-off of Power Rangers (Or Super Sentai since XIV is developed by Square whom resides mostly in Japan I believe.) The event is more of the same. Go here, get the quest, go there do something, go this way and then do a bunch of fates. It’s the usual formulae Square has done for the past several years in XIV. And while it works – I can’t help but feel that Square are now just being somewhat lazy.

It brings up an interesting question: Just how much work should a developer put in towards special events? Events that can last to as little as a week or last for 3 months (as in the grindy Yo-kai Event)

Square have obviously settled for the use of special FATE’s for their events. Think about it. Every time a special event has happened, it has had SOME type of fate. The Lightning Returns one was fates the FFXI inspired one with Shanatto was fates, the list can go on and on. It’s at the point that whenever a new event is announced I roll my eyes and go “Whelp, time to get my fates on,” and it’s a dangerous mindset to have.

Special events should be just that…special. But lately any events in XIV have turned into notorious fate grinds or just fate chains that you wait a day and a age to spawn and when they do spawn they’re over in about 30 seconds because of the sheer amount of people around. I’m rather jealous that Phantasy Star Online 2 got a HUGE ASS DUNGEON to explore with the Odin fight at the end of it. the fight was recreated right down to the AOE telegraphs (which is humorous to see since I don’t think PSO2 usually features such things) I can’t find any sort of information on if the Odin fight is timed or not. It not only includes that, but some of the armour sets and weapons from XIV as skins too.

When you look at what went into the PSO2 event, and then look at what goes into the events in XIV, it kinda pales in comparison and I’m not sure if it’s just me wanting more, I’m just fed up with the same monotony that I usually do, but dressed up in fancy skins and one-time music that’ll never be used again in the history of XIV unless Square gives us the Orchestra roll for it.

Don’t get me wrong I’m IMMENSLY satisfied with the event this year even if it is a fate with fetch quests and boring dailies and such but that’s mostly because it’s praying on my love for Power Rangers/Super Sentai, of which I’m a huge fan of since I was a kid. (I grew up blue, I’m more of a red/green now)

No doubt when the Halloween and Christmas events roll around, it’s going to be more of the same. It’s going to be a bunch of go to this place, do a quest a fate or two sprinkled in and get a fancy themed item. I’m calling it now. This is why this is so disappointing, because I can guess exactly how the events are going to play out…

And it takes all the magic out of it :c


Let’s end this on a happier note shall we? The Following is the best theme you’ll ever ear, coupled with a funny easter egg I found hidden in NPC dialog. Enjoy Smile




Blaugust 2016: The Super Relaxed Edition


So it’s already that time of year again. To the point that I almost missed the fact it was happening and rushed to sign myself up despite the lack of progress I made on my blogging!

So this will simply be my specialised fancy introduction to whom I am, the blog…and some other stuff that I haven’t really decided on what I want to type up.



…it doesn’t look as epic as I was hoping :c

At any rate, the name is CommanderFlynn, Flynn to many and [REDACTED] to the close friends. I reside over in the (no longer) Great Britain at aged 24 and you will most often see me visiting Eorzea and stabbing stuff with mah sword…or spear depending on my mood and what’s going on.
While I’m more predominantly am RPG and MMO player, I do play a variety of other genre’s


Salutations Friends!


So why the Blog?

Good question. I have no idea. Honestly I got the idea after seeing many of my twitter friends with their own blogs. I kinda wanted to do my own. I mean it’ll never be as big or as fancy as the others. But at someone who enjoys putting their feelings into writing, it’s refreshing at times to just get on and make up a post. Some of the reactions I’ve gotten are great and the discussions I’ve had enlightening. I’m hoping that I can even reach half of the fancyness that Belghast and my other friends employ and even then I hope I can do this more often.


Blaugust 2016: The idea

The idea of 2016 is that Blaugust is a more relaxed approach to blogging throughout August. One I will be following. This post was meant to be up yesterday, but I’m thinking of blogging three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the weekend being the leeway days if I don’t have anything I want to talk about or show. I think that’s a good starting point for me and from there I can blog more or less depending on how I handle this.

With that said, I leave with you, with the beautiful song, that is Man with a Mission, many of my anime friends will instantly recognise this as the Log Horizon OP1, an anime I still have yet to finish since I actually really love it’s premise and how it explore the idea of being trapped in a game world SO much better than SAO did.

Don’t get me wrong, I love SAO to bits. But I just feel Log Horizion just did it better. SAO focused more on the relationships of the characters and within the second seasons started to question that age old “What is reality and virtual?” question. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Listen to the music and remember, You’ll never expect the Fantasy Inquisition!


Gaming’s biggest week, E3 was in full swing this week and the last few days have been filled with conferences from Ubisoft, EA, Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda and Nintendo had their treehouse reveal of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild yesterday. (AND IT’S GOD DAMN GORGEOUS LOOK AT IT!

(This is just the trailer, You can find extended gameplay footage if you Youtube the game)

and While Zelda is a longtime favourite of my child-hood and the game that got my late mother hooked into gaming and is totally an example of what I want to touch upon, I want to talk about a few games that I’ve discovered and stumbled upon.

For Honour – It got metal as hell.

I cannot wait for For Honour (which is releasing on Valentines Day next year, I’ve never been so glad to be single.) I’ve followed the game since it was revealed…2 years ago?(ish) at E3 before. We got a single trailer describing the Oni on the Samurai faction and that’s…kinda it. If you actively searched for gameplay, some Youtubers have had the privilege of playing the game after being flown out a year or so ago.

The fact that it has a heavy focus on dueling within a large battlefield arena is enough for me to get excited. The fact that it’s including both Samurai’s and Knights is a second reason I’m excited. It’s battle system, the art of war is my third reason for excitement. You basically have three stances when fighting a ‘hero’ character. High, left and right. To defend yourself, you have to match the stance your opponent is attacking in. (So if they are using a left stance, you have to match it to defend) and then attack with a stance that your opponent isn’t using.) It’s a unique type of system.
It now turns out the game is coming out with a campaign mode for all three character types.

Yeah, Vikings are included. I’m not a huge Viking person myself, but it does look fun as heck with a giant axe. (I’m sensing a theme here…I should probably play warrior on XIV)

(Note: if you see other Youtubers from E3 recording this, be careful whom you watch. About 1 out of the ten I stumbled upon had no clue on how the Art of War system worked and just…ugh, so terrible.)

Absolver – Never miss a beat!

+10 awesomeness for a RWBY reference right?! Open-mouthed smile

Being developed by Devolver Digital (Makers of games such as Serious Sam, Shadow Warrior and Hotline Miami) The games tagline is basically. “What if we had no guns?” and it does so beautifully. You can watch their VoD from their twitch segment: >Here< since aside from their reveal trailer, not much else has been revealed about the game.

It’s essentially a martial arts action games. You can expect the usual things like Parries, heavy and light attacks, you can switch between fists and weaponry and it has such a lovely looking art-style that it carries this really nice charm and despite it’s simplistic combat system, it carries a surprising amount of depth.

You carry four stances, each have two attack types (light and heavy.) and you can customise your own combos with attacks that you acquire in an RPG like way. Drops from enemies may include a weapon, but an attack like a jab or a reverse roundhouse kick. Each attack has their own stats like speed and damage, but many carry secondary effects that may make it easier to break your opponents guard or absorb attacks better. You manage this in a “deck” like system. Switching out the “cards” for your combo’s to tailor to your play-style.

Remember I mentioned the four stances earlier? They have no fancy names, but each stance carries with it, it’s own combo string which you can customise. This means there is almost no limit to how you can create your fighting style. Maybe you’ll have two of your stances dedicated to being hard-hitting, one for being swift and another if your opponent needs their guard broken. It seems like that the stances aren’t separate entities either. While you can select which one to use, at the end of a combo, you’ll switch to another stance. Giving endless combo opportunities to players who can master the Combo deck and find a combo that can flow endless from one stance to another.

Button mashing would be a problem here though. With such a simplistic system in play, what’s stopping you from hammering light attacks that are fast and furious until you run out of stamina? A counter system that’s been designed to tackle just that problem.
The best way to do this is thinking of each strike like it’s an active reload from Gears of War. You have a small white bar that you must “reload” to get a faster reload off.
In Absolver, each strike you have begins to fill a bar, if you time your next attack incorrectly and hit it outside of the small “sweet spot” within this bar, you’re character will be somewhat slower, leaving you open to a counter. Yet get it inside, and your fighter will find a nice flow between each strike.

A combat system with so much simplisitiy on the surface and yet has a surprising amount of depth that is held up by various systems the developers have placed into the game and you got a fighting game that is truly skill-based and a direct reflection of you as a person. I cannot wait for Absolver. No doubt I’ll make myself the Nimble swordsman type. Swords are still cool!

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlords.

It’s a new Mount and Blade. Big epic siege battles with thousands of onscreen soldiers. I’m terrible at anything that doesn’t let me use a sword to smite my enemies. No really, I tried playing Warband earlier. let’s just say I am a bad trader!


The common thread these games share is that it’s all melee focused fun. I’m all for the new Battlefield One game and even I was enthralled with the space combat that the new Call of Duty showed off. But I feel that sword based combat still has alot of fun potential. It’s always generic first person shooters lately. Let’s give our ancestors some love in GLORIOUS COMBAT!


I got a bit ahead of myself there…

I’d love to see more developers slowly break out from the gun monotony. Few are willing to experiment with things that aren’t first person shooters. We need more First Person Slashers, or first person mages. Just something with less guns and more…swords!

I have only myself to blame for wanting to support Microsoft.


It’s a weird day when I want to actually talk about a gaming company. I’d much rather talk about developers, their passion and drive for their various games they put into it. Sure, much like many gaming enthusiasts I’m loving the news that Consoles are getting more and more powerful (The Scorpio Project is apparently boasting an 8 core CPU from AMD and something else, Can’t remember from the top of my head.) But Microsoft are being really…weird with their marketing lately. It’s almost like they have given up on trying to win this generation of console wars and instead opted to try again next generation when the next big console is released.

It’s no secret that Microsoft have had a habbit of pulling 180’s when it comes to alot of their ideas. Ranging from the 180 to locking out used games, and always online feature from when it first launched to their insistents that the Kinect sensor was crucial for the console, and then only to sell it without it. Microsoft have gone up and down with what their console can actually do. It seems like no-one inside of Microsoft knows what is going on, and I get the strange feeling that it’s happening again. Lemme explain:

(Note: I’m going by $ for this little tangent, it’s easier since converting it into £ is never accurate and we get charged more in retail.)

Earlier today I found an article that explained that the Original Xbox One’s were going down to $279. Great! More people can get the console if they so desired…wait but the S is starting at £299…
is $20 really going to incentivise late adopters to the console to get their consoles when you’re just realising a newer model, which is apparently more powerful for only $20 more? If it were me, of course it won’t. I can wait a few months for the new model to spend slightly more on something newer and better.

What’s worse is that all throughout their E3 conference. Microsoft was releasing a new thing called Play Anywhere. It’s basically Xbox’s answer to Sony’s Crossplay. Buy a game on the XB1, you’ll get a free copy of it on the Window’s 10 store and vice versa. Great! I thought, Microsoft seems committed to supporting the PC platform now…until you look at the following list:

  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Gears of War 4
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Recore
  • Scalebound
  • Sea of Thieves
  • State of Decay 2
  • We Happy Few

See the issue? Aside from one or two games, every single game, WAS PREVIOUSLY AN XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE. It doesn’t seem like a problem to the casual type of gamer. However I wager that minority of XB1 owners are primarily PC gamers (With it being easier to get your own PC rig according to your own budgets.) For simplicities sake, I want to say one out of every one hundred people whom own an XB1, owns a PC that is capable of gaming. (Note the following figure was taken back from Feb, when it was told that they had sold 20 million consoles)

So that’s twenty thousand people who had wanted to support Microsoft for whatever reason, or play their exclusive line up now own a useless paperweight of a machine. Microsoft, in all their wisdom of supporting both their Windows 10 initiative and Xbox One range, have shot themselves in the foot in a way. I know that as soon as I can I’m packing up my Xbox One and heading down to my nearest trade in shop to get rid of it. I no longer have a need for an Xbox one. I was holding out for titles like Gears, Halo Wars, Recore and Scalebound. all which were XB1 exclusives when they were announced.

I have only myself to blame for adopting the Xbox One as early as I did, but I saw no-reason at the time, that any of their first party titles would arrive on the PC. (and to a lesser extent, PS4.) After all, the last time they tried to go on PC was Vista with Halo 2 and that bombed astronomically I heard. Halo 5 will no doubt eventually see a PC release, if not Halo 6. As much as I love the sci-fi shooter, I can no longer justify owning the console for a single game. Once again I have only myself to blame for jumping onto the ship early.

Now I heard that the XB1 bundles have dropped down to roughly £209 at some places over here while I was writing this.

Microsoft has a really weird marketing strategy. It’s like they shifted from trying to win space in the console space, and instead electing to go for a platform/software strategy. No doubt it’ll certainly work since PC gamers no longer have to shell out for XB1 exclusives and instead can play their games on a PC. Which while I am certainly pissed about (again, my fault) am really excited to play Scalebound on my PC which will hopefully include one of the new 10xx line (most likely the 70)

They’ll, make a Warrior, out of me



*ahem* Aside from binge watching half of the musical scores from Various Disney films, it’s been a rather interested last few days to say the least.

Overwatching the Point

Anyone who has even a vague interest in fun goofy shooters knows that Overwatch has been out for little under a week now. Amazingly the game is still living up to the crazy amount of hype and fun that the beta provided me and even more so now that I know that all the fancy skins I’m getting will not be wiped anymore. Because I’ve collected quite the assortment of Legendries. Mostly in the Tank category.

I picked up both Scavenger and Junker  Skin’s for D.va, got Stonehardt and Blackhardt for Reinhardt and a few over ones scattered across Mcree, Hanzo and someone else whom I can’t remember, and it’s interesting that I don’t really take note of the others, but instead I got real excited when I picked up Blackhardt last night while playing with a bunch of friends.

Or maybe it’s not all that strange. I came into the game fully expected to be Hero switching alot, which I do as and when a situation calls for it as best as I can access. (Swapping Heroes isn’t really just a feature, it’s a mechanic that can make or break the game for a team) but I find myself often switching exclusively between the different Tank’s in the game. It wasn’t untill that I decided to give Zarya a good try, that I figured, “Yeah, this is exactly how I like to play.” My damage may not be as great as Hanzo’s arrow’s, or Mcree’s revolver, but I’m a damn good Tank. Zarya took me awhile to get used to. Her barrier abilities have a rather large cooldown for something that only last’s three seconds. And since her Barrier Energy is converted into damage increase whenever it’s hit, it’s an extremely small window to time to get the most out of it.

I used to simply activate it just going around a corner, but it’d almost always run out before an opponent opens fire. She (along with Winston) were firmly in the ‘Do not play’ pile. (Winston simply because I’m not a huge fan of his Ult and easy to use tazer cannon. he’s a great character, just not for me.) It wasn’t until I learned one simple mechanic that It suddenly hit me on how to use Zarya.

For those not in the know. Your HP can consist of two different types of protection. Shield and Armour. These will always be the first to go (With Shields going first, followed by armour) before they reach your HP. (Blue, Yellow and White respectively.) Armour reduces damage by 5 points. Heroes like D.va, that have alot of armour get a decent amount of damage reduction. (Alas, not enough for D.va to survive alot unfortunately. I hear she’s going to get some changes soon.) But the one I really want to touch on is Shields. Unlike Armour, they can regenerate over time after not taking any damage…for three seconds.

Hang on…Zarya’s barrier lasts three seconds…

The penny drops. Provided you can time it just right. You’ll take some damage to Zarya’s shielding, pop the barrier, get a decent amount of energy while dealing out the hurt, and by the time the barrier is gone, the enemy should be close to dead or fleeing for the hills. Seriously, Zarya’s energy beam (and her secondary) hit like a truck at high energy levels. With some map knowledge on health kits, Zarya is one beffy tank (but not as beefy as Reinhardt or D.va with their armour.)

Zarya is quickly becoming a favourite to play, second to Reinhardt (because charging is really fun, still gotta learn how to aim it to pin people though). It’s just a shame that I’m not a fan of most of her Legendary skins. I may grab one anyway, but I may simply wait to see if…no wait I’m sorry, what Blizzard will add to the game skin wise in the future. (Overwatch is a huge hit, Blizzard has themselves a money maker here for the arena shooter genre.)

Returning to FFXIV

After a really nice session of Overwatch, I went back to XIV as I do daily to get my dailies done. Or at least my expert and levelling roulettes. MMO’s are still a weird thing for me at the moment. I go on regularly to do daily stuff and whatever else I may want to do and that’s kinda it. I’ve still not feel like I’ve fully invested in an MMO. Mostly because I really just can’t get my head around Crafting and Gathering, as much as I want to. It’s just one of the things I’ve not been able to do. I’m not sure if it’s just simply a lack of motivation, or because the whole Disciple of the Land/Hand thing isn’t for me. While I realise that you can’t compare an MMO to an RPG, I’m fine with learning the whole Blacksmith thing and what-not in Skyrim, Dragon Age, so on so forth. Yet it comes to an MMO and I’m seemingly uninterested in that. Maybe I’m just weird.

Continuing onto the subject matter, my time in Overwatch has really told me that I am the Tank/warrior dps type person. (Warrior as in the type of character, not the Job in XIV)
I restarted my crusade to get the Tank classes to 60, if only to clean up my inventories of all the tank gear I’ve been hoarding in prep for getting WAR to 60. Once I do that, I’ll be able to get rid of the Tank set’s I use for levelling, and keep the ones that I like the look of. After that I may simply do a clean-up of my armoury chest and so on for classes I may not play in the future. My BRD is at 58 along with my NIN, to which I may simply get to 60 for my OCD on getting them to max. I won’t be playing Much outside of Tanks and Dragoon until 4.0 when hopefully, Samurai will be added as a DPS class. If not, whelp, guess I’m fighting to tank for the Raid team!

Alternatively I’ll get into a second group which I can tank for. We’re only doing stuff on a Tuesday, I wouldn’t mind getting into a Static or something for a Thursday and a weekend maybe. It’s coming up to the point when we’ll hopefully start tackling on-content stuff like extreme primals and what-not. Which I’m still really excited for.
Random Note: I decided to dye Flynn’s hair a little. With Arc Maven slowly taking form in my mind, pictures and character creation kits alike, I felt it was time to give Flynn a small make-over to make the two a little more…Unique…I took inspiration from Ruby from …well uh…RWBY with coloured highlights, I think it came out rather nicely.


I think the Sun Minion didn’t work in my favour here XD. The hair-style is still the same, but I may change it a little when the new hair-styles are release in 3,3 I heard there’s a really nice one taken from Type-0 but I need to check the images from the preliminary patch-notes to see if it’s available for Male Hyur’s.

Till next time folks o/

Indie Developers: Are they getting free passes?


This is going to come out like a rant post, and you wouldn’t be wrong. While I have nothing wrong with the topic’s, subject and what-not I am going to discuss, I feel that it needs to be said and looked at. I mean no offense to anyone I mention or talk about.

This was sparked fresh from the following trailer:

Yes, Scott Cawthon, the genius behind the FNAF games (aside from that weird…FNAF world game…) has release the trailer for yet, another FNAF game. I realise this looks like a spin-off, but it’s clearly set in the same world/lore and I’ve got no doubt it’ll link into the main games somehow and continue it’s very convoluted and poorly thought out story that requires a team of theorists to make any sort of sense out of it. (Note: we’ve never had to have a theory for Dark Souls, a series that isn’t exactly as forth-coming with it’s lore or story, but anyone with a brain-cell could figure it out and link the dots.)

But I can’t help but feel that, as good as FNAF is…Scott is doing something that EVERYONE is currently shitting on within the gaming industry: He is churning out games at an astronomical rate.

The image that started it all

I need to mention this again. What Scott does as a one man person is god-damned amazing. To churn out these games at the rate he does, as a one man army is amazing. In a way he has earned the right to continue something he clearly has so much passion for. I can’t fault him for continuing it.

But the rate of these games that are being churned out is kinda worrying. Let’s look at the release dates.

  • FNAF 1 came out August 8th 2014
  • FNAF 2 came out November 10th 2014 (a difference of 3 months and 2 days)
  • FNAF 3 came out March 3rd 2015 (a 3 month and 20 day difference)
  • FNAF 4 was release july 23rd 2015 (a 4 month and 21 day difference)
  • FNAF world was released, but subsequently rereleased following an uproar over it’s poor quality. The re-release was out on February 12th 2016 (with it originally being a Janurary 21st release date, the difference with the re-release is a 6 month and 20 day difference)
  • Assuming he keeps to the fall release date, I’d estimate Sister Location to release 6 months roughly after FNAF World.

While each game is quite short compared to what AAA developers do, and the team differences Scott is an indie equivalent of what everyone should be disliking about game development. Yet for some reason, he is getting a free pass, gone to critical acclaim and the hype surrounding his announcement is through the roof.

And there is a good reason for that: His games are actually fun and are rarely rehashes.
The core concepts between the first 4 are there. You’re stuck in a room, got to defend yourself from the mean animatronics till 6am but rarely have you done the same thing twice between games. The second introduced the mask mechanic and got rid of the doors. The third you only had a single animatronic to worry about along with ventilation and so on so forth, the fourth placed a greater emphasis on sound design and listening. Each game has done an evolution of the FNAF 1 formulae.

Sister Location looks to keep the FNAF formulae but rids of the single room concept, (if one scene in the above trailer is to be believed.) To what end Scott has evolved it remains to be seen. The models have clearly been cleaned up and improved along with texturing and so on so forth. (I’m curious if he’s used a new engine or simply found a way to improve stuff.) and that is the main difference between himself, and the AAA industry.

Scott clearly shows the passion and dedication in his series to improve and make each one slightly different than the last. Putting in little Easter eggs and clues as to the story of the FNAF world. (Which again, I do have to say is needlessly convoluted that it required a theory channel to figure it out) Not to say that AAA dev’s don’t show passion or dedication there are a few out there. (Which I know, it’s hard to believe what with Activision and EA being a jerk)

When it comes to Indie developers, It’s important to note that their games are shorter, so their development time is shorter as a result of course. (Evidence by the time difference between FNAF 4 and FNAF world) and it’;s also important to note that unlike AAA development, Scott is probably earning pocket change compared to them and doing this full time…well, he has gotta pay the bills somehow right?

So looping back to the title. Are indie developers getting free passes? The answer I’ve personally come to. Yes, they are.
But are 100% deserving of the free pass in most cases. The games indie dev’s do are clearly oozing with love, care and passion for what they do, something that the AAA industry has seemingly lost (aside from the final few) and people love seeing passion being put into the games they enjoy and not just endless rehashes of the same game but reskinned with a shiny coat of paint (I’m looking at you CoD)

That said, Scott really needs to pull the breaks on the development train. If you include FNAF world and Sister’s location rough fall release date. We’ve had six games within a 2 year period. That’s an insane amount of both work to do and games to release in a short period of time. After Sister Location, I hope that Scott will take a much needed hiatus from the series to develop the inevitable sequel/spin-off and give his next game more meat.


While I’m on the subject of passion, there’s a game called Mordhau being developed and I like to think of it like a spiritual successor of Chivalry Medieval warfare that Torn Banner could have done, but a group of passionate Chivalry fans have decided to do it. Addressing many of the issues they (and most of the chivalry community have) and improving on the 1st person sword based combat. I am personally really excited for the game and you should at least check out the dev blog below.

The Beta Blog of Betaness


This weekend is just, a weekend of Beta goodness. Doom’s Open Beta, Battleborn’s Open Beta. More people got into the Overwatch beta (I am sadly not one of them), I believe Alpha Reactor is also on beta this weekend too.

Now while I can’t play all the beta’s with my shot concentration of only a few hours per gaming session, (there is a reason, people who are close know the reason. Let’s just say the week has been rather shitty) But I did manage to get some time in with BattleBorn and DOOM.

Off-Topic: I really like this image. I think it’s the art-style It just shows all the characters really nicely.

Okay back ontopic. the BattleBorn Beta consists of two story missions and two competitive maps. If you played the Beta previously, you know what to expect from the story mode. Which I did not unfortunately. But to keep things shortish. The level I did was great. It was dripping with the charm that I know from Borderlands but with a whole host of characters. What is interesting is that dialog was rarely repeated if I played the same level again. At one time, El Dragon had an interaction with ISIC, this big mean AI copmputer thing. Yet the next match, It was replaced with general banter.  Each character within the Battleborn crew are unique and while some you may find cliché, others are just down-right great.

Gameplay wise it felt…really weird. I’m not 100% sure why that was. I personally thing it was a mixture of my mouse settings and video settings that gave it a real floaty feel when I was playing with Thorn, the Generic Archer, in tune with nature. I didn’t get quite the same feeling with Oscar Mike and Rath, the generic badass soldier (which is AWESOME) and the dual…or triple (considering he uses twin swords and a giant one) wields. He’s also a vampire apparently.

Competitively there’s two modes. Incursion, which tasks a team of 5 to kill the enemies spider drones. (Also known as Geoff (but no really, I call all big ass spider drones Geoff now) and then Meltdown. which tasks you with protecting minions as they throw themselves into the incinerator.

The modes were fun, and while the game still felt weird while I played, PVP was enjoyable. It was like a third person MOBA and probably something I’ll avoid in the future. (I ain’t a MOBA person)

The beta unlocked 7 characters right off the bat. (surprisingly some of the poster characters like Phoebe was not included) with the rest being unlocked by either ranking up to a certain level (dear god no…) or Objectives. (interesting…)
I am not a fan of this system. Many of the characters I wanted to take a looksie at were locked behind either story missions that we cannot unlock, since well, we only have 2, or a ridiculously high rank. (I believe Galilea was a Rank 18) I’m just not a fan of characters being unlocked like this. But that’s why I like the Objectives. Most are simply “complete X mission” others are, “Kill x minions or x players” You got two options of just playing the game (especially if you’re just focused on the competitive stuff) or focusing on unlocking certain characters quickly. Something for everyone.

I’m also curious as to how someone can be a Brawler and an Assassin at the same time. Surely that’s counter-productive right?

Battleborn was a game I wasn’t considering before, but now I am, but since it’s coming out in May, it may be a delayed released. (Sorry but I’m super hyped for Fire Emblem Fates. But since I’m in the UK/EU, I have to wait longer :c) It’s a big plus that I do like the setting and story to it.


Off-Topic again: why isn’t this the box-art for the new Doom game? I love that Bethesda included two more box-arts and got fans to vote what is going on the reverse sleeve. But, they shouldn’t have gone with the generic ass marine on the front-cover.

So anyway, the Beta launched earlier today and I’ve been playing alot of it. The Beta came with two game-modes and a few maps (I think 2, but I could be wrong, the same ones kept cycling) Team Deathmatch needs no explanation. Warpath is a unique take on King of the Hill. You have a point that the teams need to capture, the catch? The point moves along a set path indicated by an arrow chain.

For those that have played Doom and or Quake, they may feel right at home here. The gameplay was fast and fluid with none of the modern BS that most shooters seem to do nowadays. Kill streaks. special abilities, etc etc. While DOOM does have a few things, (such as Glory kills, which are epically awesome finishing moves) Hack slots that give you a special ability for a set amount of time you are alive. (For example, For 60 seconds, you can see where the power-ups will respawn, and their timers.) and that’s it. There’s no reloading, no regenerating health. Nothing that modern shooters have trended towards. It’s great fun hailing to old-school shooters that many people know and love.  (and really if you get a chance to do Glory Kills, do it. Enemies will be highlighted to indicate when you can.)