So, you want to be a part of The Tankquisition? Well, just sit down there boyo (or girlie) and learn, about your Illustrious Leader, the mighty Flynn Silvers.

– Flynn Silvers is an Alias. But also the main character in many written/fictional works. You may find I post random tad-bits regarding our adventures throughout all the fictional worlds we explore.

– Before the Tankquisition, we wandered aimlessly in our quest to find a role in an RPG. When it comes to such group content, We are the front-line warriors. The first onto the field, and the last (hopefully) to step off it. We are the Tankquisition.

– We had a number of motto’s or mantra’s devised for The Tankquisition. And while we wanted something in the vein of the Jedi Code for now we’ll stick with something simple. “Protect, Serve, Survive.”

– Flynn is a 23 year old male currently residing within Great Britain, in Stevenage.

– Again, want to reiterate, Flynn isn’t my real name, only a few handful of Sacred Officers shall ever know my name…and that’s if the Tankquisition takes off…and I get Sacred Officers…

– Excalibur is mine…MINE I TELL YOU!



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