Moving on up–The Flynn tank goes full throttle.


Cool guys don’t look at explosions…because dust REALLY hurts your eyes.

The last few weeks have been an interesting one in XIV. If only because I have more freedom in my class choice than I’ve had in awhile. My worries about raiding and leaving GREY were obviously unfounded as I did get to speak to others about my thoughts. So for the time being I am still on Cactuar, but with an eye to transfer to Balmung (because RP and there’s a large EU community apparently there too) Or just head to an EU server like Odin. But in the meantime I thought I’d do something I’ve been putting off for months…Alexander.

For me, Alexander is the Coil. I joined when the Coil was already fully out (and I have less than a week to get my clears for that now that I remember…) but I a;lways put it off. Normal mode just seemed daunting to do on the Duty Finder, especially with my renewed efforts of tanking. While I knew Gordias would be easier than usual since that’s been out for awhile now, doing Midas was something I thought would be somewhat difficult. And to be fair it has been fairly challenging.

I’ve suddenly had to grasp the art of Tank-swapping, the idea of swapping who the MT is due to mechanics or when something goes to hell. I knew how to do it on paper. Use Provoke and follow up with an enmity generator. I’ve usually defaulted to Shield Lob since I have no guarantee of keeping aggro with a simple fast blade or savage blade, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how to do that, or at least there are more effective methods.

So far I’m now on A7 Normal. And I’m hoping to clear that along with A8, if not tomorrow. Then maybe I’ll renew my efforts into finding an FC that is more appropriate for my time zone to raid the savage variants with. Along with finding a group that can car- I mean uh, help me clear the coil.

Soul Surrender, or Patch 3.4 in XIV is coming next week and apparently some of the dialogue changes if you had cleared the coil I want fancy new dialogue! But I don’t see it happening unless I find a coil party XD.

It’s also going to add in the final set of Alexander raids, hence my doubled efforts on clearing Alexander. So far it actually been going better than I thought it would honestly.

Oh yeah, double thanks to Ayla for crafting me my Tank Glamour. It’s something I’ve wanted for ages, at least for my tanks. The verdict is still in the air on if I’m going to continue dpsing or tanking, but so far I’m really enjoying tanking more than I thought I would at the end-game. I might, for giggles go back and do them all again as my Dragoon (well to be fair I really should keep doing them, you know…quick gearing and what-not) just to compare, but the feeling of victory I’ve gotten in Alexander tanking has kinda beaten everything I’ve felt beforehand…and that includes that clutch Nidhogg story trial at the end of the dragonsong war…and let me tell you…

It’s REALLY hard to beat that.



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