Continuing debates: Exploring the paths


It always seems that no matter how much I may settle on something for this and that reason, I’ll always find a way to take several steps backwards somehow. Maybe it’s the way I am, always overthinking things whenever I hit even a small bump in the road. I’m sure I’m not the only one whom has the same kinda deal going on in the brain. But I’m…80% sure that no-one is indecisive as I am especially regarding something that many would deem frivolous.

But I suppose to myself, it’s not frivolous but rather just a matter of findings ones lot in life…or digital life anyways.

It’s hard to explain to other people what it is that truly goes through my head half the time. I’ve always been told that I’ve just been different and ‘special’ when it came to my autism. So some people, when they understand this, are ridiculously patient with me as I try to spell stuff out. Others just think I’m being an indecisive asshat and they would be totally correct in that.



For the last…good long while, I’ve been on the fence mainly in regards to being a Tanking main, or Damage Dealing Main. Especially in XIV, where one of the many reasons for being a tanking main is something as superficial as “they look awesome AND SWORDS,” compared to the spear-wielding Dragoon or the dual-wielding Ninja…or the punchy punchy Monk…maybe not the last one but I can semi see the appeal for Monk.

The main reason I always went with the Tanks in XIV, minus the obvious awesome looks and sword appeal, it has that knight aspect to it and I’ve always loved the medieval times and the whole code of chivalry shenanigans. King Arthur is debatably one of my favourite fables/legends/myth and Fate/Stay Night has really nailed some of the older legends like Cu Chulainn, Gilgamesh and so on so forth. Okay sure they may take “liberties” here and there, but for the most part it was pretty interesting to see the legends behind what was included in the fate series.

It’s taken me awhile, but the Persona of Flynn Silvers, was slowly being hijacked. Not from some evil person, or malicious type, but from my own brain. Flynn Silvers wasn’t being billed as Flynn Silvers, but as a male Artoria Pendragon, King of Britain and wielder of Excalibur. I think Excalibur is the only sword I’d ever want to wield after I unlocked it for my Paladin.  I kinda semi-hope that if Samurai does turn in a DPS class, I’d be allowed to glamour Excalibur…I doubt it…but that’s my hopes for another discussion on 4.0.

The whole class debate was always to solve one question: What main should I go for? Flynn Silvers, evolved from a shit-ton of iterations since I was a kid and started writing. I spent most of my time on RolePlaying Forums, writing lengthy stories with a bunch of other people. I even had some of them saved and archived…and good god I was a terrible Gary Stu and…let’s not talk about how bad that was shall we?

In the future, I think i still want to Tank, I want to be that frontliner…I know I want to be a Knight rather than a dickish backstabbing rogue. The idea of being a spellcaster is still up there however, a little bit of experimentation goes a long way same with being an Archer, when I say Archer i mention it more out of the fact that I’ve actually picked up a bow and really enjoyed the time I had at the beginners course…and the fact Green Arrow and Hawkeye are my favourite DC and Marvel heroes respectively. But that’s why Arc Mavens was created. He was made specifically to fill in the Archery spot in my growing team of characters. It’s why Karin Silvers, straddles the line between red and black mage and I’ve never seriously considered magical options. (Not to mention I really hate MP with a passion. Yes I know XIV has mechanics so in theory, you’d never run out, but I’ve had bad experiences previously man…I’ve seen some shit ;_;

But being a Knight can mean anything. It could mean the tank type with a sword and shield, it could be the greatsword wielder like Cloud or Guts, it could mean a Dragoon, it could mean ANY of those things. and that is currently what I’m trying to figure out. the GREY group still refuses to let me tank and I think I might try one last time later tonight. I’m not really holding out much hope on being accepted.

Well I could always move to Balmung…I hear that’s RP central for XIV. But that means leaving Grey and….euuugh…debates galore for me. haha.


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