How does one figure out how something feels “right”


I had a small discussion with a friend on twitter about my class debates. Where I usually focused on aethetics and other such things, Kat, the ever so helpful, wanted to talk about how a class feels to me. To which I was just unable to reply and it’s been bugging me ever since I had the conversation.

I also read a small blog post written by EndGame Viable (Which you can view here) in which he talked about his experience…or rather lack of experience with melee classes in general. The reasons stems from ‘feeling weird not pressing button on every Global Cooldown.’ to ‘it’s simply too complicated’ and they simply preferred range classes for the fact that there was something to tap on every GCD.


Impromptu dance party go!

When I spoke to Cat in our discussion, he talked about how he hated, especially on Machinist (and I’d wager Bard) that he was looking everywhere BUT where the action was. His focus was glued to the UI, looking at the buffs, the cooldowns and so on so forth. While I theorised that muscle memory and making the UI bigger would help, the problem would the become that the UI would be too large. And there’s only so much you can do in order to alleviate issues. (Such as making attack buttons smaller and to the side and the buff’s and what not bigger to the other side.)

It got me thinking that I never really found a style of play to’’ ‘settle’ as it were. I haven’t found that type of gameplay that “feels” right. Back when Heavensward was announced, I simply wanted to Tank because of the Dark Knight and how it looked. Never mind that it was a tank with a focus on aggro generation and what-not. It had a GIANT SWORD.

Yeah kinda like that…not that particular one, but they’re all the same sorta size!

I remember I had the same sort of thing, and kinda do still, about dual-wielding. I’ve been playing Ni-oh lately and I recently found two high-tier weapons of a katana and a dual-wield tachi. I have no idea which I prefer to use, so I’ve kept switching between the two and the spear I had equipped in my second slot. Lately I’ve been trying out the Summoner and Thaumaturge (working on getting THM up to 30 minimum just for not having any battle classes under 30) and, as much as I love the destructive power of magic, it just feels…weird. I couldn’t pin it when I suddenly remember how the Bard at 60 felt to play. It currently, had less buffs to manage (although I have heard that Enochain is a bitch for 60 Black mages) but the cast bar…that god damn cast bar hates me.

Or I hate it…one of the two. But anyway having a cast bar feels detrimental to how I play. It could just be because I’m so used to having abilities going off INSTANTLY, or close to instantly. I’d like to quote Tales of Zestiria real quick here.

Waifu #2 Lailah, feels primarily like a fire mage. Her normal attacks are…decent, but I always felt that she was more made for long range casting in mind.
Now, there’s these sections called Crucibles that are essentially themed battles and are usually a solo affair, aside from one or two. I’ll link in a video below to sort of accentuate my point.

Actually the above is semi how I played this section. Like I said, her normal attacks are decent, but her power lied in her Artes. (spells for those not one with the Tales series) and you’ll notice at various points they’ll attempt to get off a cast, only for it to fail because of a small poke. You can speed up the cast times, but it’s only faster if used during a combo, 3 or 4 abilities down the line for me to feel like using them.

There are a few times, where I did turn into a caster. Some of the later boss fights for example, demanded I armatize and use spells because I just couldn’t get their patterns down and find the gap in order to attack and press the offense. But those instances were usually a 4 v 1 situation. Group battles were much harder to use this tactic if I had to use it. I’d much rather use Sorey or Rose and just get in there. (another classic example of sword or dual wield)


Random example aside,  I’ll probably get the Thaumaturge up to 30 and then leave it, while not touching the Bard or Machinist and only for getting them to 60. The Cast bar bugs me and never really meshes well with the way I like to play…

and that’s not having any, or very little, delay in my key presses to actual action.


and suddenly not being able to figure out my preferred style became that much easier. But what if the Bard and Machinist didn’t have their annoying cast bars, and being the type of guy that loves Archery, what then?

Well…I dislike it  since I’m a terrible shot, in a game where the aim is auto, it kinda takes the fun out of things. Which is why I’ve been known to hog the Archer in Chivalry. Although that habit hasn’t happened for awhile. And when the aim is done automatically, it’s just no fun.

So really in a game like XIV or WoW, suddenly the ranged classes hold little meaning to me.

And I’m back to the square in which I started gaming with…glorious melee combat.

So the point of this Blog post? It was semi-impromptu after seeing the above blog post. The second reason…well, it helps to type stuff out and see it on screen. And I do need to get more posts in for Blaugust. Muhahaha.

So while I’m sitting here, trying desperately to either A) allow my group to let me be one of the main tanks or B) find a way to just deal with it. I’m going to continue debating tanks or damage dealing. Because that’s what I do, and know what feels, best!


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