Passion Projects: Enderal, Pokemons and Nintendo


I will swear down to earth that I love RPG’s. That’ll never change no matter what I look into playing. While I have a preference for fantasy type/medieval deals, I’m open to the shooter type of RPG (like Mass Effect for example) but I will always love the sword and sorcery deal. So I’m ridiculously excited for titles like Final Fantasy XV (goes without saying), Nier Autonama – which is now coming to Steam (PRAISE THE SUN! \O/) But today is not for talking about games that are going to come out in the near future. Today, I want to talk about passion projects.

Passion Projects: as the title implies, is the undertaking of a project with the pure motivation being passion for something. Not making any money, or getting any money for what they do. They aren’t motivated by greed (which is more than could be said for some of the current developers.) and such projects I feel, are important to the industry.

Pokemon Uranium is one such project and it was in development for a whopping nine years. I personally haven’t had a chance to play it. The download was pulled by a DMCA issued by Nintendo and I haven’t properly looked around for a reliable source. This wasn’t the first time that Nintendo had issued such a thing. Over the years Nintendo has aggressively issued DMCA’s for passion projects. Only a few days/weeks ago they shut down a Metroid 2 remake project.

Now, I’m not going to discuss if this is right or not. Because the simple fact is – Nintendo has every right to stop and issue these DMCA’s because they do have to protect their IP’s. While everyone knows it won’t damage it, I suppose Nintendo are afraid that it will, but with Sun and Moon around the corner, I guess they’re afraid that Uranium’s popularity will overshadow Sun and Moon. (Which it won’t)

Every company has a right to enforce their properties. Because there ARE some people out their with malicious intent. But to shut down fan projects are something that people will agree that they have a right to, but will not agree that they should…especially with such projects like Enderal.



Enderal is a total conversion mod project for Skyrim. Which took 3-5 years to develop. Total Conversion meaning the only thing from Skyrim that was transferred is the engine and assists. The world is not connected to Tamriel or Skyrim and set’s place in…well…Enderal. It has it’s own lore, story, locations and so on so forth and it’s absolutely amazing.

Enderal’s story so far is 10x more dark and interesting than Skyrim. To paraphrase the beginning, you find yourself washed ashore and from there you get to explore Enderal, but stumble upon something and one thing leads to another. If you think I’m being too vague, it’s because I kinda want to move people to trying it out themselves. All you need is a PC copy of Skyrim, no DLC is needed and then you can follow their instructions to install it with their handy installer programme. It even backs-up Skyrim for you so that if you ever wanted (for whatever reason…maybe after completing Enderal) you can simply run the launcher again and it’ll then backup/delete Enderal and restore Skyrim. It’s amazing what technology can do.

If you own Skyrim and are itching for a really beautifully crafted world to explore, I highly recommend setting some time aside to check this out. You won’t be disappointed. (If you do, PSA: Don’t install any mods or ENB’s. The image above is completely vanilla Enderal. And some mods can mess with the game. You can if you want, but I’d install them at your own risk.)


And Enderal is just one such project that has been ALLOWED to exist. Bethesda hasn’t issued any take down and from the looks of it, embraced it. After all, it’s a non-profit thing. And there’s a few other projects floating around that others are embracing. Installation 01 is a PC Halo-inspired game that is follow Microsoft’s Game Content agreements, in that none of their models are being ripped from the game. they are being hand-crafted. I’d like to say again that it’s the fact that Nintendo are just not a fan of the fan games that have been created that people are annoyed at. Not that they are, which they have a legal right to.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to finally play a heavy armour warrior sword+board type character in an Elder Scrolls game…or a converted one anyway…Even if my giant flaming sword is better than my not flaming sword. Eh I’ll just use both as and when.


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