The Obligatory I have no idea what to post, post


Man I’m terrible at doing this scheduling post thing  I think most of it is coming down to I don’t have many topics I’d like to talk about, and the feeling of depression and the whole “I don’t feel like doing anything” mentality that comes with it.

Most people will know what Depression is like, and for me it’s like a flip of a coin whenever I wake up and start the day. I may have the best morning ever and feel good and that’ll generally carry over till I head to bed. Other times it turns into a complete hell-fest that I struggle to do even basic tasks daily. I also feel that most of it is the fact that a certain game that I cannot talk about due to an NDA has left a rather large hole in my heart when it comes to gaming. (Let’s just say that I had plenty of honour)

For me, (and I’d assume many others) Depression feels like it’s a rollercoaster. and there’s often very little reason for it. I know that I rarely have a reason these days to feel like the way that I do and I can’t blame the fact that my mother passed away over a year ago now, on it. Or rather, I feel like I can’t blame this on that, yet people tell me it’s still perfectly fine, and at the same time I don’t feel like it’s fine. It’s kinda hit and miss at the moment. Let’s move away from a depressing topic shall we?


Feeling the Force



I made good on a promise I was wanting to do for awhile now. Knights of the Fallen Empire looked amazing and the KOTOR game many people seemed to want. Or at the very least a decent replacement while we hope that one of the secret games that one of many of the studio EA owns is indeed a KOTOR 3.

Many people would have guessed that I would have gone Jedi Knight and eventually resepc into a Jedi Guardian. I fully intend to keep trying to be a tank type whenever I do dungeon runs and what-not. (but for now using a DPS spec to level) I feel that Final Fantasy XIV has ruined me, or that some of the design choices that SWTOR has taken are weird. For example from level 15 onwards I can queue to do ANY of the flashpoints within the game. Yep, that includes the newer ones. As such I have no idea which I should be queuing for in order to have a “vanilla” experience. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea that every dungeon is now under a group finder like system…

But I’ve only just become a Jedi Guardian…I have no interest in taking on Darth Malgus until I get to that point in our story. I love the idea in paper, but it ruins the dungeon experience for me. I heard so much about the Flashpoints that I wanted to do them with a group on a level appropriate for the flashpoint, and to experience some of the story. You can now do them Solo, but I feel that it loses some of it’s charm.

Back when I played this on release, the Flashpoints felt like a interactive session of Dungeons and Dragons in that it was possible that the story could go in a totally different direction if someone won the random number generator to speak up. Want to save those innocent’s?  Nope, you lost the roll and now they’re dead (at least you still got the alignment points for your choice) It made the conversations feel more dynamic with traditional Bioware storytelling.

I’m  making solid progress on levelling though. Even if my MMO/RPG instincts are kicking in to do all the quests when I don’t have to. I’m looking forward to making it to the KOTFE content since I’ve heard great things about the story. I may even decide to do some PVP in the near future and respec into my tanking tree to start learning how to tank in a new game.

Mains – Do I REALLY need one?

An interesting thought came into mind when I read Belghast’s latest post regarding mains. And to an extent I do agree with him. When I was really focused (and still am to a point) on doing the end-game stuff in XIV, I was so fixated on picking a main that I debated endlessly on what I wanted to do. To a point, I still do and mostly because I know I really enjoyed the type of role in Overwatch. That one match with Zarya was just…so much fun.

But lately I’ve been thinking, that to a point, the debate was useless. I have most of the tanks up to 60 in XIV with Warrior lagging at 55, a 60 Dragoon, Bard and Ninja and working on others. Hell, I’m considering looking more into the mages as my next DPS point of call.

The point is I’m so less focused on having a main and just looking to have a bit of fun and explore…But let’s be clear. Flynn Silvers is not a mage. He is a knight through and through!

Sir Flynn compressed!

Artwork was done by a good friend of mine of which you can find his work >Here<


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