FFXIV: Go Go Mhach Rangers!


Mhach rangers you say? But Commander, it’s the Go Go Posing Rangers that have entered the scene during the Moonfaire Faire event of 2016 in Eorzea.


Yeah no, these chumps have nothing on us. (Okay they got the colourful exploison, but look at this!)

ffxiv_05082016_135001 - Copy

We, the Mhach rangers shall guide the raid group through victory of the wiping city! We shall stay the course and defend our allies as they poke at the hells of our enemies!

So if you couldn’t guess already, the Moonfaire Festival event is all about posing as a cheap knock-off of Power Rangers (Or Super Sentai since XIV is developed by Square whom resides mostly in Japan I believe.) The event is more of the same. Go here, get the quest, go there do something, go this way and then do a bunch of fates. It’s the usual formulae Square has done for the past several years in XIV. And while it works – I can’t help but feel that Square are now just being somewhat lazy.

It brings up an interesting question: Just how much work should a developer put in towards special events? Events that can last to as little as a week or last for 3 months (as in the grindy Yo-kai Event)

Square have obviously settled for the use of special FATE’s for their events. Think about it. Every time a special event has happened, it has had SOME type of fate. The Lightning Returns one was fates the FFXI inspired one with Shanatto was fates, the list can go on and on. It’s at the point that whenever a new event is announced I roll my eyes and go “Whelp, time to get my fates on,” and it’s a dangerous mindset to have.

Special events should be just that…special. But lately any events in XIV have turned into notorious fate grinds or just fate chains that you wait a day and a age to spawn and when they do spawn they’re over in about 30 seconds because of the sheer amount of people around. I’m rather jealous that Phantasy Star Online 2 got a HUGE ASS DUNGEON to explore with the Odin fight at the end of it. the fight was recreated right down to the AOE telegraphs (which is humorous to see since I don’t think PSO2 usually features such things) I can’t find any sort of information on if the Odin fight is timed or not. It not only includes that, but some of the armour sets and weapons from XIV as skins too.

When you look at what went into the PSO2 event, and then look at what goes into the events in XIV, it kinda pales in comparison and I’m not sure if it’s just me wanting more, I’m just fed up with the same monotony that I usually do, but dressed up in fancy skins and one-time music that’ll never be used again in the history of XIV unless Square gives us the Orchestra roll for it.

Don’t get me wrong I’m IMMENSLY satisfied with the event this year even if it is a fate with fetch quests and boring dailies and such but that’s mostly because it’s praying on my love for Power Rangers/Super Sentai, of which I’m a huge fan of since I was a kid. (I grew up blue, I’m more of a red/green now)

No doubt when the Halloween and Christmas events roll around, it’s going to be more of the same. It’s going to be a bunch of go to this place, do a quest a fate or two sprinkled in and get a fancy themed item. I’m calling it now. This is why this is so disappointing, because I can guess exactly how the events are going to play out…

And it takes all the magic out of it :c


Let’s end this on a happier note shall we? The Following is the best theme you’ll ever ear, coupled with a funny easter egg I found hidden in NPC dialog. Enjoy Smile



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