I have only myself to blame for wanting to support Microsoft.


It’s a weird day when I want to actually talk about a gaming company. I’d much rather talk about developers, their passion and drive for their various games they put into it. Sure, much like many gaming enthusiasts I’m loving the news that Consoles are getting more and more powerful (The Scorpio Project is apparently boasting an 8 core CPU from AMD and something else, Can’t remember from the top of my head.) But Microsoft are being really…weird with their marketing lately. It’s almost like they have given up on trying to win this generation of console wars and instead opted to try again next generation when the next big console is released.

It’s no secret that Microsoft have had a habbit of pulling 180’s when it comes to alot of their ideas. Ranging from the 180 to locking out used games, and always online feature from when it first launched to their insistents that the Kinect sensor was crucial for the console, and then only to sell it without it. Microsoft have gone up and down with what their console can actually do. It seems like no-one inside of Microsoft knows what is going on, and I get the strange feeling that it’s happening again. Lemme explain:

(Note: I’m going by $ for this little tangent, it’s easier since converting it into £ is never accurate and we get charged more in retail.)

Earlier today I found an article that explained that the Original Xbox One’s were going down to $279. Great! More people can get the console if they so desired…wait but the S is starting at £299…
is $20 really going to incentivise late adopters to the console to get their consoles when you’re just realising a newer model, which is apparently more powerful for only $20 more? If it were me, of course it won’t. I can wait a few months for the new model to spend slightly more on something newer and better.

What’s worse is that all throughout their E3 conference. Microsoft was releasing a new thing called Play Anywhere. It’s basically Xbox’s answer to Sony’s Crossplay. Buy a game on the XB1, you’ll get a free copy of it on the Window’s 10 store and vice versa. Great! I thought, Microsoft seems committed to supporting the PC platform now…until you look at the following list:

  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Gears of War 4
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Recore
  • Scalebound
  • Sea of Thieves
  • State of Decay 2
  • We Happy Few

See the issue? Aside from one or two games, every single game, WAS PREVIOUSLY AN XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE. It doesn’t seem like a problem to the casual type of gamer. However I wager that minority of XB1 owners are primarily PC gamers (With it being easier to get your own PC rig according to your own budgets.) For simplicities sake, I want to say one out of every one hundred people whom own an XB1, owns a PC that is capable of gaming. (Note the following figure was taken back from Feb, when it was told that they had sold 20 million consoles)

So that’s twenty thousand people who had wanted to support Microsoft for whatever reason, or play their exclusive line up now own a useless paperweight of a machine. Microsoft, in all their wisdom of supporting both their Windows 10 initiative and Xbox One range, have shot themselves in the foot in a way. I know that as soon as I can I’m packing up my Xbox One and heading down to my nearest trade in shop to get rid of it. I no longer have a need for an Xbox one. I was holding out for titles like Gears, Halo Wars, Recore and Scalebound. all which were XB1 exclusives when they were announced.

I have only myself to blame for adopting the Xbox One as early as I did, but I saw no-reason at the time, that any of their first party titles would arrive on the PC. (and to a lesser extent, PS4.) After all, the last time they tried to go on PC was Vista with Halo 2 and that bombed astronomically I heard. Halo 5 will no doubt eventually see a PC release, if not Halo 6. As much as I love the sci-fi shooter, I can no longer justify owning the console for a single game. Once again I have only myself to blame for jumping onto the ship early.

Now I heard that the XB1 bundles have dropped down to roughly £209 at some places over here while I was writing this.

Microsoft has a really weird marketing strategy. It’s like they shifted from trying to win space in the console space, and instead electing to go for a platform/software strategy. No doubt it’ll certainly work since PC gamers no longer have to shell out for XB1 exclusives and instead can play their games on a PC. Which while I am certainly pissed about (again, my fault) am really excited to play Scalebound on my PC which will hopefully include one of the new 10xx line (most likely the 70)

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