They’ll, make a Warrior, out of me



*ahem* Aside from binge watching half of the musical scores from Various Disney films, it’s been a rather interested last few days to say the least.

Overwatching the Point

Anyone who has even a vague interest in fun goofy shooters knows that Overwatch has been out for little under a week now. Amazingly the game is still living up to the crazy amount of hype and fun that the beta provided me and even more so now that I know that all the fancy skins I’m getting will not be wiped anymore. Because I’ve collected quite the assortment of Legendries. Mostly in the Tank category.

I picked up both Scavenger and Junker  Skin’s for, got Stonehardt and Blackhardt for Reinhardt and a few over ones scattered across Mcree, Hanzo and someone else whom I can’t remember, and it’s interesting that I don’t really take note of the others, but instead I got real excited when I picked up Blackhardt last night while playing with a bunch of friends.

Or maybe it’s not all that strange. I came into the game fully expected to be Hero switching alot, which I do as and when a situation calls for it as best as I can access. (Swapping Heroes isn’t really just a feature, it’s a mechanic that can make or break the game for a team) but I find myself often switching exclusively between the different Tank’s in the game. It wasn’t untill that I decided to give Zarya a good try, that I figured, “Yeah, this is exactly how I like to play.” My damage may not be as great as Hanzo’s arrow’s, or Mcree’s revolver, but I’m a damn good Tank. Zarya took me awhile to get used to. Her barrier abilities have a rather large cooldown for something that only last’s three seconds. And since her Barrier Energy is converted into damage increase whenever it’s hit, it’s an extremely small window to time to get the most out of it.

I used to simply activate it just going around a corner, but it’d almost always run out before an opponent opens fire. She (along with Winston) were firmly in the ‘Do not play’ pile. (Winston simply because I’m not a huge fan of his Ult and easy to use tazer cannon. he’s a great character, just not for me.) It wasn’t until I learned one simple mechanic that It suddenly hit me on how to use Zarya.

For those not in the know. Your HP can consist of two different types of protection. Shield and Armour. These will always be the first to go (With Shields going first, followed by armour) before they reach your HP. (Blue, Yellow and White respectively.) Armour reduces damage by 5 points. Heroes like, that have alot of armour get a decent amount of damage reduction. (Alas, not enough for to survive alot unfortunately. I hear she’s going to get some changes soon.) But the one I really want to touch on is Shields. Unlike Armour, they can regenerate over time after not taking any damage…for three seconds.

Hang on…Zarya’s barrier lasts three seconds…

The penny drops. Provided you can time it just right. You’ll take some damage to Zarya’s shielding, pop the barrier, get a decent amount of energy while dealing out the hurt, and by the time the barrier is gone, the enemy should be close to dead or fleeing for the hills. Seriously, Zarya’s energy beam (and her secondary) hit like a truck at high energy levels. With some map knowledge on health kits, Zarya is one beffy tank (but not as beefy as Reinhardt or with their armour.)

Zarya is quickly becoming a favourite to play, second to Reinhardt (because charging is really fun, still gotta learn how to aim it to pin people though). It’s just a shame that I’m not a fan of most of her Legendary skins. I may grab one anyway, but I may simply wait to see if…no wait I’m sorry, what Blizzard will add to the game skin wise in the future. (Overwatch is a huge hit, Blizzard has themselves a money maker here for the arena shooter genre.)

Returning to FFXIV

After a really nice session of Overwatch, I went back to XIV as I do daily to get my dailies done. Or at least my expert and levelling roulettes. MMO’s are still a weird thing for me at the moment. I go on regularly to do daily stuff and whatever else I may want to do and that’s kinda it. I’ve still not feel like I’ve fully invested in an MMO. Mostly because I really just can’t get my head around Crafting and Gathering, as much as I want to. It’s just one of the things I’ve not been able to do. I’m not sure if it’s just simply a lack of motivation, or because the whole Disciple of the Land/Hand thing isn’t for me. While I realise that you can’t compare an MMO to an RPG, I’m fine with learning the whole Blacksmith thing and what-not in Skyrim, Dragon Age, so on so forth. Yet it comes to an MMO and I’m seemingly uninterested in that. Maybe I’m just weird.

Continuing onto the subject matter, my time in Overwatch has really told me that I am the Tank/warrior dps type person. (Warrior as in the type of character, not the Job in XIV)
I restarted my crusade to get the Tank classes to 60, if only to clean up my inventories of all the tank gear I’ve been hoarding in prep for getting WAR to 60. Once I do that, I’ll be able to get rid of the Tank set’s I use for levelling, and keep the ones that I like the look of. After that I may simply do a clean-up of my armoury chest and so on for classes I may not play in the future. My BRD is at 58 along with my NIN, to which I may simply get to 60 for my OCD on getting them to max. I won’t be playing Much outside of Tanks and Dragoon until 4.0 when hopefully, Samurai will be added as a DPS class. If not, whelp, guess I’m fighting to tank for the Raid team!

Alternatively I’ll get into a second group which I can tank for. We’re only doing stuff on a Tuesday, I wouldn’t mind getting into a Static or something for a Thursday and a weekend maybe. It’s coming up to the point when we’ll hopefully start tackling on-content stuff like extreme primals and what-not. Which I’m still really excited for.
Random Note: I decided to dye Flynn’s hair a little. With Arc Maven slowly taking form in my mind, pictures and character creation kits alike, I felt it was time to give Flynn a small make-over to make the two a little more…Unique…I took inspiration from Ruby from …well uh…RWBY with coloured highlights, I think it came out rather nicely.


I think the Sun Minion didn’t work in my favour here XD. The hair-style is still the same, but I may change it a little when the new hair-styles are release in 3,3 I heard there’s a really nice one taken from Type-0 but I need to check the images from the preliminary patch-notes to see if it’s available for Male Hyur’s.

Till next time folks o/

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