The Beta Blog of Betaness


This weekend is just, a weekend of Beta goodness. Doom’s Open Beta, Battleborn’s Open Beta. More people got into the Overwatch beta (I am sadly not one of them), I believe Alpha Reactor is also on beta this weekend too.

Now while I can’t play all the beta’s with my shot concentration of only a few hours per gaming session, (there is a reason, people who are close know the reason. Let’s just say the week has been rather shitty) But I did manage to get some time in with BattleBorn and DOOM.

Off-Topic: I really like this image. I think it’s the art-style It just shows all the characters really nicely.

Okay back ontopic. the BattleBorn Beta consists of two story missions and two competitive maps. If you played the Beta previously, you know what to expect from the story mode. Which I did not unfortunately. But to keep things shortish. The level I did was great. It was dripping with the charm that I know from Borderlands but with a whole host of characters. What is interesting is that dialog was rarely repeated if I played the same level again. At one time, El Dragon had an interaction with ISIC, this big mean AI copmputer thing. Yet the next match, It was replaced with general banter.  Each character within the Battleborn crew are unique and while some you may find cliché, others are just down-right great.

Gameplay wise it felt…really weird. I’m not 100% sure why that was. I personally thing it was a mixture of my mouse settings and video settings that gave it a real floaty feel when I was playing with Thorn, the Generic Archer, in tune with nature. I didn’t get quite the same feeling with Oscar Mike and Rath, the generic badass soldier (which is AWESOME) and the dual…or triple (considering he uses twin swords and a giant one) wields. He’s also a vampire apparently.

Competitively there’s two modes. Incursion, which tasks a team of 5 to kill the enemies spider drones. (Also known as Geoff (but no really, I call all big ass spider drones Geoff now) and then Meltdown. which tasks you with protecting minions as they throw themselves into the incinerator.

The modes were fun, and while the game still felt weird while I played, PVP was enjoyable. It was like a third person MOBA and probably something I’ll avoid in the future. (I ain’t a MOBA person)

The beta unlocked 7 characters right off the bat. (surprisingly some of the poster characters like Phoebe was not included) with the rest being unlocked by either ranking up to a certain level (dear god no…) or Objectives. (interesting…)
I am not a fan of this system. Many of the characters I wanted to take a looksie at were locked behind either story missions that we cannot unlock, since well, we only have 2, or a ridiculously high rank. (I believe Galilea was a Rank 18) I’m just not a fan of characters being unlocked like this. But that’s why I like the Objectives. Most are simply “complete X mission” others are, “Kill x minions or x players” You got two options of just playing the game (especially if you’re just focused on the competitive stuff) or focusing on unlocking certain characters quickly. Something for everyone.

I’m also curious as to how someone can be a Brawler and an Assassin at the same time. Surely that’s counter-productive right?

Battleborn was a game I wasn’t considering before, but now I am, but since it’s coming out in May, it may be a delayed released. (Sorry but I’m super hyped for Fire Emblem Fates. But since I’m in the UK/EU, I have to wait longer :c) It’s a big plus that I do like the setting and story to it.


Off-Topic again: why isn’t this the box-art for the new Doom game? I love that Bethesda included two more box-arts and got fans to vote what is going on the reverse sleeve. But, they shouldn’t have gone with the generic ass marine on the front-cover.

So anyway, the Beta launched earlier today and I’ve been playing alot of it. The Beta came with two game-modes and a few maps (I think 2, but I could be wrong, the same ones kept cycling) Team Deathmatch needs no explanation. Warpath is a unique take on King of the Hill. You have a point that the teams need to capture, the catch? The point moves along a set path indicated by an arrow chain.

For those that have played Doom and or Quake, they may feel right at home here. The gameplay was fast and fluid with none of the modern BS that most shooters seem to do nowadays. Kill streaks. special abilities, etc etc. While DOOM does have a few things, (such as Glory kills, which are epically awesome finishing moves) Hack slots that give you a special ability for a set amount of time you are alive. (For example, For 60 seconds, you can see where the power-ups will respawn, and their timers.) and that’s it. There’s no reloading, no regenerating health. Nothing that modern shooters have trended towards. It’s great fun hailing to old-school shooters that many people know and love.  (and really if you get a chance to do Glory Kills, do it. Enemies will be highlighted to indicate when you can.)

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